We will learn much more about Apple’s Marzipan initiative that enables iOS apps to run on Macs at WWDC 2019. Meanwhile, here’s a quick catch-up on what we know so far and some probable implications for enterprise IT.

A little iOS in the Mac

Apple announced Marzipan at WWDC 2018 when it introduced macOS Mojave and iOS 12.

With Mojave now on millions of Macs, lots of us are already using the first four iOS apps to be liberated to run on the Mac:

  • News
  • Home
  • Stocks (perhaps not so compelling as economies collapse)
  • Voice Memos

The apps aren’t the be all and end all of Apple’s Marzipan initiative, which goes much further and includes development of new cross-platform design libraries developers can use to build apps capable of running on both Mac and iOS platforms.

Marzipan exploits the fact that both iOS and macOS rely on the same essential Unix code base, run the same kernel, and share many common frameworks, such as Metal.

The ultimate aim is to make it possible for developers to build apps for both platforms simultaneously. This could mean thousands of additional (and lightwight) applications will be made available for the Mac.

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